Revolutionary.  Patented.  Made in the U.S.A.

From beginners to legends, and no matter what your style, Cleartone strings are the best strings available, period. Richer tones, unsurpassed sustain, and the longest-lasting strings on the market. There are coated and then there are treated strings, at a mere .5 micron thin, Cleartone premium treated string’s unsurpassed technology’s treatment gives you that organic feel, won’t flake, and will last up to 5x longer.


“Made by Musicians, for Musicians”

At Cleartone we have a long history of musical innovation.  As musicians ourselves, we sought out to make a superior quality, sounding, and lasting string.  Cleartone Strings is a family-owned and run business. Made by musicians, for musicians. Our strings are manufactured in house using 100% premium US parts and labor. Cleartone String’s unique proprietary winding process creates the richest, purest, and deepest sound out there. The patented results are increased output, superior tuning consistency, and the clearest tone strings on the market today.



The sure-grip design on the Everly patented picks. guarantees that the pick stays where it’s supposed to, right in your hand, the positioning is adjustable for extra control and sound. The Everly Star Picks utilizes the standard 351 but goes a step further. Six popular sizes to choose from, so no matter what your playing style the Everly Star picks are simply just the best picks out there.

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“The Longest Lasting and Best Sounding Strings on the Market. PERIOD!”

Sevilla Classical Guitar Strings

Named after the famous city in Spain, Sevilla Classical Strings are designed for the most discerning classical guitarist. 

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“In a normal pack of strings there is always one or two strings that is too light or too heavy. Creating a Custom Set with Cleartone Strings has solved the Problem”

Cleartone Custom Sets


Do standard guitar string gauges leave you wanting more?  Nothing quite feels right?  Maybe you play in a non-standard tuning.  We know that your choice of guitar string gauges is as unique and personal as you! With the Cleartone custom shop, you can choose each gauge of string, one by one, to ensure the set feels and plays just right for you.

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