About Us

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Our Humble Beginnings

Cleartone Strings was founded by Legendary Rock 'N Roll hall of famer and one half of the iconic Everly Brothers, Phil Everly. He started the company because he demanded more out of his strings, and when there was nothing available to his satisfaction, he took the matter into his own hands. Honoring the legacy he started, we still manufacture all of our strings in house at our West Bountiful Utah location using only the most premium American sourced materials.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Cleartones were designed from the ground up utilizing custom built, state of the art string winders and feature Phil Everly's own patented core-to-wrap ratios. Our machines are designed to run at higher tensions which creates more string wraps and a denser string, providing added volume and tuning consistency.

Patented Award Winning Treatment.

Cleartone Strings Multi-patented, award winning treatment is the gold standard in coated string technology. Often imitated but never replicated our treatment is applied at a mere .5 micron thin and will never flake or fray no matter how hard your play. Scientifically proven to increase your guitar's volume and sustain up to 36% & 48% respectively, Cleartones are the only coated string that will play, act, and feel like a traditional set whille giving you all the added benefits of an extended life string

Family Owned

Cleartone Strings is still a family owned company and is run by Phil's son, Jason Everly.